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Our vision is to be a church from which the brilliance of Christ is on display. To magnify Christ, it is imperative that we live as examples and models of Jesus and his life as we go about our daily lives. Every year, we ought to be more spiritually mature than the year before. Questions to ask ourselves: Am I more loving than this time last year? Is my soul at rest in Jesus? Do I live free from anxiety and worry and hurry? Our aim is to provide resources to help root and establish your faith in Christ.


sunday school classes

One way to get involved is through Sunday School classes, which we host for all ages on Sunday mornings.


  • seekers, Room 4

  • emmaus, Room 5

  • renovators, Lake Pavilion (Youth Room when raining)

  • children, Children's Wing


  • flame, Room 1

  • agape, Room 5

  • one life, Room 8

  • youth, Youth Room

  • children, Children's Wing


Family Devotion/Worship resources for younger families:
family discipleship: