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Our vision is to be a church from which the brilliance of Christ is on display. To magnify Christ, it is imperative that we live as examples and models of Jesus and his life as we go about our daily lives. Every year, we ought to be more spiritually mature than the year before. Questions to ask ourselves: Am I more loving than this time last year? Is my soul at rest in Jesus? Do I live free from anxiety and worry and hurry? Our aim is to provide resources to help root and establish your faith in Christ.

our goals for spiritual formation this fall:

For everyone to grow in “the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding (Col. 1:9).”

We encourage everyone to participate in the self-guided study of “Read Through the Bible in a Year," which you can download by clicking the button below. Even if you did this last year, we encourage you to do it again! Notify Stephanie Caldwell at to receive a copy of her explanatory notes for each session. You will have selected readings every week, accompanied by explanatory notes for that week, and an opportunity to meet with others going through the same experience. We will begin the week of August 15th. We want you to understand God’s great story, His plan to redeem the world, and how you fit into that plan. We feel that a growing knowledge of the Word of God will help guide you “to live lives worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, as you bear fruit in every good work (Col. 1:10).”


We feel it is very important to commit to life together as a community of believers who live differently than the world.

As we meet together throughout the week, we encourage each other in our faith and commitment to live differently. We are asking you consider making the Wednesday night Bible Study a regular part of your week. Wednesday Night Supper begins at 5:45. Reservations are required to eat; however, you do not have to eat supper with us to participate in the Bible Study! Bible Study begins at 6:15. This Fall’s study: “Rerooting My Life.” In today’s culture, it is becoming more and more difficult to live lives rooted in Christ. We are bombarded by all things technology, we have so many competing options for our time and attention, and if we are to be honest, the church looks little different than the culture around us. This study is about resisting that part of culture that distracts and steals our time and attention by rooting ourselves back into the teachings and practices of Jesus of Nazareth. We will study the way of Jesus and evaluate how we might reorient how we are doing life around his example. Each week, you will leave with practical exercises to try during the week to refocus your life with Jesus at the center. This study will lead up to the Spiritual Renewal Retreat in January 2022.


Attend the Spiritual Renewal Retreat on January 21-23rd, 2022, at Epworth-by-the-Sea!

While the Wednesday night Bible Study this Fall is certainly not required to participate in the retreat, we feel you will derive so much more out of the retreat by having participated in the Bible Study. The retreat will be a culmination and practical application of the Bible Study. The cost is $450/couple, or $225/individual sharing a room, $340/individual for a private room. This includes all lodging and food for the weekend. Limited slots available, first come first serve! Please contact Stephanie Caldwell to reserve your spot.

sunday school classes

Another way to get involved is through Sunday School classes, which we host for all ages on Sunday mornings.

  • read through the bible class, Room 1

  • seekers, Room 4

  • emmaus, Room 5

  • turner farmer, Room 6

  • renovators, Lake Pavilion (Youth Room when raining)

  • children, Children's Wing


  • homebuilders, Room 1

  • read through the bible class, Room 4

  • agape, Room 5

  • college and career, Room 6

  • new life, Room 8

  • youth, Youth Room

  • children, Children's Wing